King of Pops

Blog #2 King of Pops Garden Start

Potting soil? Check. Compost? Check, and check, because I am mixing a vermicompost blend with a fungal/bacterial blend I have been working on for over a year. So technically 3 checks. Planters? Sustainable check. That's a thing, right? Plants? On the way. Weather? It's Virginia, so that will be a tentative check.


This list represents the first business to benefit from Compost RVA's “Make compost, now grow with it!” program. King of Pops, my first food based client under Compost RVA is getting a flower garden for the side of their business, and a rooftop herb garden. Let that sink in a minute. I know, I thought it was pretty cool too. Wait for it though. The planters being used are from previous produce orders from previous tenants using King of Pops kitchen space, and damaged King of Pops' parasols will be used to decorate the planters.


I tell you this in all honesty, creating this garden space is the culmination of countless green project ideas, Pinterest entries, and hours of contemplating how to feed the composting sustainability bug. What bug is this? Trust me, it is that itch, that urge that every composter or gardener gets when they start growing things from seed or scrap into something usable, something edible, something transformational.