We all know that waste is an issue not just nationally, but worldwide. Yet, how do we start to address that elephant of an issue? Composting. Try it for at least one month, and it will begin to make sense, and you will see why Central Virginia needs to be on board with this growing movement.

How does it work?

1. Compost RVA will visit your business and assess your daily/weekly waste stream, and establish a custom pick up schedule.

2. Compost RVA will bring you  compost buckets and lids to get you started, and review what is compostable with your staff.

3. You fill the buckets with food waste, and store it in the designated spot.

4. Compost RVA will pick up multiple times each week following your custom pick up schedule, and bring you clean buckets.



  • 10 buckets per pick up: $15

  • 6-9 buckets per pick up: $2/bucket

Have your neighboring food businesses to compost with you for volume discount!


Why compost?

  • Because you get compost back! We provide one 5-gallon bucket of Compost RVA’s mixed compost back to you to help your restaurant garden/landscape per year, but can provide larger amounts at a rate depending on quantity.  

  • Composting provides a bacterial source for plants and soil to work together effectively.

  • Composting provides an efficient usage of space that can hold waste, but is eventually turned into a reusable product.

  • Because you help our community! Your food waste becomes compost we donate to the the community gardens to combat food deserts and food shortage.

  • Compost provides not only nutrients, but beneficial bacteria the soil and plants need.

  • Good bacteria in soil produces better plant growth.


Wanna try it? See how long it takes you to fill one bucket!

If you want to try composting, but aren't sure of the financial commitment, we will bring you one 5 gallon bucket to your business for free.

See how long it takes to fill that bucket and see how much waste your business makes that could be turned into something productive.


Here are local businesses that compost:



Community Gardens We Help:

Connexiones Garden

McDonough Garden

Linwood Holton Elementary Garden

Green Elementary Garden

Fox Elementary Garden

George Wythe High School Garden

RVA Createspace Garden

Owl Orchard Community Garden



This page's barrel and bottom two pictures provided by Erik Meadows.



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